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How Can You Get The Most Out of Your Home Theater System?

IES Designs a Versatile Custom System to Fit Your New York Home

How Can You Get The Most Out of Your Home Theater System?


Custom home theater systems have become a hallmark of many homes as technology has made them increasingly accessible. However, in today’s fast-moving world it has become harder to sit the family down to watch a movie even in the comfort of your home. How can you reconcile the two trends to make sure your home theater is a worthy investment?

IES can design a custom theater that goes beyond a personalized movie-watching experience, allowing the room to serve multiple purposes to avoid going unused for long periods of time. Read on to see how you can ensure your room goes from a movie ‘dungeon’ to a multi-purpose entertainment space. 


TAGS: Custom home theater systems | home theater technology | multi-purpose entertainment space | with smart home automation

3 Ways Home Automation Makes Parenting Easier

IES Keeps You Connected to Your Family in Your New York Home

3 Ways Home Automation Makes Parenting Easier

We’ve all heard about a mother’s intuition.  A feeling or hunch that allows a mother not only to meet her children’s needs but recognize them well in advance. At IES, our custom-made home automation solutions integrate that intuition into your home. With a house dedicated to aiding your day-to-day parenting, you can make the most of the time with your kids. We know how fast it flies by!

TAGS: custom home automation | home automation solutions | home surveillance cameras | integrated security system

Eliminate Potential Challenges Using the Design-Build Approach for Your Next New York Project

5 Reasons You Should Choose IES to Automate Your MDU

Eliminate Potential Challenges Using the Design-Build Approach for Your Next New York Project

Our lives have become increasingly more connected – from our cell phones to our cars to our homes. Our desire to stay connected with our environment has made automated amenities a necessity in today’s luxury housing units and upscale office buildings. These added bonuses make occupants’ lives easier, while creating an exclusive atmosphere of comfort and convenience.

In densely populated cities like New York, automation systems have also become a must for centralizing management of the large number of multiple units in sky rises, commercial spaces and hotels. As a developer no doubt you are thinking of adding automation to your next project, yet you might be wondering how to deliver superior results without going over budget. Whether you are building a multi-story high rise or developing a federal office building, IES has five reasons why choosing an integrator for everything from design to installation is the best choice.

TAGS: Business Automation | Design-Build | MDU Automation

How Does Distributed Audio Enhance Your Customer Experience?

IES Discusses the Benefits of Music, Video and Networking Your Office or Business

How Does Distributed Audio Enhance Your Customer Experience?

When your clients enter your office, what do they experience? The atmosphere of your business should enhance your business operations without distracting you or your customers. The experts at IES have decades of expertise in augmenting your office or retail business with distributed audio and video needs for

Installing a control system throughout your business will help you bring music, movies and digital signage throughout your facility. If you manage an office or business in New York, you’ve probably no doubt considered installing an audio system to help increase employee productivity or invite customers into your business.

TAGS: Business Atmosphere | Customer Experience | Distributed Audio