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Make Your Home Smart to Make Your Home Sell

The Modern Homebuyer Looks for Smart Home Automation

Make Your Home Smart to Make Your Home Sell

We here in New York, NY understand how difficult the real estate market can be. While there are many factors, like location and demand, that can’t be controlled, you can still improve your home’s overall sell-ability with a few changes. Whether you’re looking to sell your place soon or you’re thinking ahead, incorporating smart home automation in your present apartment is a great way to increase its value. Plus, it offers buyers a great selling point: a space that is immediately ready for move-in. Your home will have a network of integrated electronics that can be customized to any homeowner’s preferences. To learn more about what makes a smart home exceedingly sellable, read on. 

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Voice Control: What Can It Do for You and Your Smart Home?

A Discussion with Managing Director, Dean Valencic

Voice Control: What Can It Do for You and Your Smart Home?

Imagine how convenient life could be if you simply instructed your house to perform tasks for you. Think about it: what if you could tell the lights to turn off, or regulate the temperature in your home with a simple voice command? Last month at CEDIA, Amazon announced that its voice activation products now integrate with smart home automation providers like Control4. This collaboration means transforming your Greenwich, CT dream home into a smart home, as it will combine the most successful voice control with a professionally installed and managed home automation system. In discussion with Integrated Electronic Solutions’ very own Dean Valencic, we examine the benefits, features, and future of voice control and smart technology. Read on to learn more. 

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Now is the Time to Upgrade Your Home’s Audio and Video

Create the Perfect Entertainment Space for all the Football and Holiday Festivities

Now is the Time to Upgrade Your Home’s Audio and Video

For many New York residents, upgrading their audio and video systems is something they keep meaning to do, but never get around to doing. There’s always some other home renovation project to focus on, but now that football season is here and the holidays are right around the corner, October really is the perfect time to push a home audio video installation to the top of the list. Keep reading to find out how modern A/V can enhance your Westchester home in the coming months.

TAGS: 4K TV | NFL football | Surround Sound

3 Advantages of a Custom Home Theater System

Bring Home the Movies, Sports, and Gaming

3 Advantages of a Custom Home Theater System

Quick, name the last movie you saw in the theater. If you’ve been to the movies recently, you may have noticed that nearly every other weekend there’s a new comic book movie out: Batman v. Superman, Captain America, Deadpool. For those of us who love superheroes, this is great. But what if you could enjoy any film you like in the comfort of a custom home theater system? No longer would you be bothered by fellow movie goers who send and receive text messages throughout the entire film, or the 13-year old child who accidently spills their Coke on you. Instead, you get to choose the best seat in the house, always have your favorite snack on hand, and the movie show time is dictated by the family member holding the ultra-sleek remote. Read on to learn how you can bring the thrill of the big screen to your New York home.

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