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Reach a Better Lifestyle with Smart Home Automation

Discover the comfort and convenience of our technology!

Reach a Better Lifestyle with Smart Home Automation

In a world where life seems to be going at a faster pace each day, coming home to a place that is entirely crafted to provide you with comfort, convenience, and peace is a real game-changer. Imagine a home where everyday tasks are simplified, comfort is at your fingertips, and security is heightened with intelligent systems. All that is possible with smart home automation technologies.

In this blog, we’ll take you on a journey through the remarkable benefits that smart home automation brings to your lifestyle in New York City. Take a look to find out!

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Smart Home Control & Automation are the Pinnacle of Luxury

Experience More Comfortable, More Efficient Living

Smart Home Control & Automation are the Pinnacle of Luxury

You want to enjoy a life of luxury, both for yourself and for your family. After all, you’ve earned it. Today, your home in the Westchester, NY, area is a reflection of this success, with every room and outdoor space designed to fit your tastes and unique lifestyle. 

A smart home control system is a central component of modern luxury living, giving you the ability to manage, automate, and customize your technology systems. At Integrated Electronic Solutions, we can design and install it all for you.

Read below to learn why total home control is the ultimate sign of luxury, leading you and your loved ones to have a more comfortable, convenient, and efficient lifestyle.

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Make Your Home Happier, Healthier, and More Entertaining

Learn about the benefits that industry-leading systems Control4, Lutron, and Savant bring to your luxury home and lifestyle.

Make Your Home Happier, Healthier, and More Entertaining

Smart home automation offers you the luxury and convenience of a home that enhances your lifestyle and responds to your needs. However, designing a system that fits you requires a knowledgeable and experienced integrator with innovative manufacturers you can trust.

At Integrated Electronic Solutions, we work with companies that exemplify the highest quality, flexibility, and reliability to not only meet but exceed your expectations. Three of these companies, Control4, Savant, and Lutron, develop products that are lauded by the trade press and homeowners just like you.

Are you intrigued by the possibilities of technology that can make your Greenwich, CT home happier, healthier, and more entertaining? Continue reading to find out more.

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Pure365: The Ultimate Air Purification System

Live, Breathe, and Feel Better by Purifying the Air in Your Home

Pure365: The Ultimate Air Purification System

Do you have a healthy home? You may think so because you clean your surfaces, change the air filter, and dust each week. But what about your indoor air? Your air filter – even though you may replace it regularly – isn’t sufficient to remove all bacteria, viruses, and airborne contaminants. When you have an air purification system in your home in Westchester, NY, you’ll make your house a much healthier place to live.

Integrated Electronic Solutions helps you enjoy cleaner and fresher air again. A healthy smart home starts here! The medical-grade air purifiers we install from Pure365 effectively reduce the number of viruses, toxic particles, and mold in your home’s air. Learn how you can take a breath of fresh air again by reading our blog.

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