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Enjoy Reliable Network Services with this Secret Ingredient

Let Us Transform your Dream Home into a Smart Home

Enjoy Reliable Network Services with this Secret Ingredient

Consider for a moment the number of connected devices in your home. From smartphones, laptops and tablets to game consoles, security cameras, and now refrigerators, most houses have a plethora of devices, and that number typically grows depending on the amount of children in the home. According to a recent study, the average U.S. household owns 6.6 connected devices. Households with an annual income of $150,000 or more have up to 10 devices. The survey also concluded that the average American household spent $3,800 on connected devices and access to services in 2015.

The only safe prediction about such devices is the numbers per user will continue to grow as will the dollar amount families spend each year. One concern associated with this trend is that smart home products require a solid, reliable networking infrastructure to function at their full potential. The typical home network is made up of an Internet connection to the house that links to a wireless router with which everything else communicates.

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