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4 Ways Home Lighting Control Transforms Your Living Spaces

Discover how lighting can elevate your lifestyle!

4 Ways Home Lighting Control Transforms Your Living Spaces

Thanks to advancing technologies, our homes have become more than simple spaces to come back to for shelter. They are extensions of our lifestyles, reflecting our tastes and preferences. Amid this evolution of modern living, one technology stands out: home lighting control. Beyond its illuminating function, it shapes the ambiance and functionality of our spaces. 

In today’s blog, we’ll dive into the amazing benefits this must-have technology can bring to your New York home. Keep reading to find out!

3 Health and Wellness Trends You’ll See in 2020

From Home Lighting Control to Complete Retreats, Read These Can’t-Miss Biophilia Highlights

3 Health and Wellness Trends You’ll See in 2020

2019’s CEDIA Expo was abuzz with wellness trends, including biophilia. Originally referring to “the love of living things,” the term has expanded to the smart home industry, as you’ll find out later.

CEDIA showed us an entire “Wellness Pavilion” dedicated to big brands like Rayva, Delos and more, all displaying products that brought the outside in. So, why is this important? Humans spend the vast majority of our time inside, which deprives us of the light, fresh air and relaxing nature sounds we need. Biophilia, to a large extent, gives that back.

As CE Pro editor Julie Jacobson puts it, “Nature can make us whole again, and if you can’t get enough of the real stuff, you can fake it quite effectively. The research is pretty clear on the health benefits of certain nature simulations (applied in certain ways), such as circadian lighting, air movement and purification, climate controls, and nature scenes playing on ordinary TVs with a sound-system assist to play birds and streams.”

How can you achieve a more nature-like atmosphere in your New York City residence? In this blog, we’ll talk about how home lighting control, wellness retreats and cleaner air can make a big impact. Keep reading below to find out more.

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