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Energy Independence For Your Luxury Home

Utilize Clean, Eco-Friendly Solar Energy Monitoring to break dependence from the grid

Energy Independence For Your Luxury Home

The reliability of many electrical infrastructures is a growing concern. Whether the outages are caused by limited system capability or frequent natural disturbances, having a safe alternative is a must. 

Energy independence goes beyond backup generators; in today's world, we need clean, renewable, and eco-friendly solutions to keep our homes running.  You need a system that automatically protects your critical systems and provides the flexibility to manage priorities personally. 

Savant has teamed up with Racepont Energy and Sonnen to provide safe, secure, clean energy independence and assurance.  Using monitoring, alert notifications, and solar to protect you and maximize the energy you produce. 

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Infrastructure Inconsistencies Controlled

It is clear that electrical services have come under compounding stresses over the last few years. Communities grow, pushing capacity limits, and escalating climate events are causing more disturbances to the grid. There is a real need to protect your home and lifestyle from the damage that can be done.

During a power loss or disconnection from the grid, Savant and Racepoint immediately engage the backup power and set load balancing priorities.  In this way, your critical systems such as environmental controls, lighting, refrigeration, and automation controls are kept functioning. Savant updates you via touchscreens or remote app, keeping you informed and giving you the ability to adjust which systems are a priority as you need them.

The system manages how the secondary power sources are delivered for the duration of the outages, switching from traditional generators to a solar battery as the day and load requirements dictate.  The system monitors available energy, reducing output to lesser critical areas to allow solar batteries to recharge, keeping the home running consistently.

True Energy Independence

Having the ability to recover from a power grid disconnect is a powerful tool. What if you could manage the grid to your advantage as a secondary system?

Solar has shown itself to be a reliable, clean energy source that can save money while protecting the environment. Interestingly most of the electricity produced by solar homes is bled off to the municipal electrical grid at a nominal rate. It would be far more beneficial to keep this energy for your home, using the grid only when it is economically viable or critical.

In conjunction with Savant's controllers, Sonnen's battery technology gives you the ability to determine when to use local power vs. the grid. By managing grid use only when variable rates are reasonable, your home has the energy it needs without the hassle.  Using battery stored solar electricity as a primary provider, the grid now becomes your fail-safe secondary.

Monitor, Manage, Metrics

Bringing together the experience, innovation, and Savant's reliability with Racepoint Energy and Sonnen unlocks complete control.

Every day you will know at a simple touch what your energy usage is, what rates you are paying, inconsistencies, and individual room metrics.  Knowing how your energy is being used can go a long way towards staving off trouble before it happens.   Savant can also keep you up-to-date on possible weather or environmental issues.  Alerts to incoming storms or issues with the grid give you the security and comfort to act accordingly.  

Are you interested in gaining control of your energy needs and becoming more independent of the power grid? Call our team to set up a plan.

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