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What Do Lincoln Financial Field, the Statue of Liberty and the Bank of China Have in Common?

New York Integrator Adds Beauty, Safety and Energy Savings to Your Home

What Do Lincoln Financial Field, the Statue of Liberty and the Bank of China Have in Common?

What do Lincoln Financial Field, the Statue of Liberty and the Bank of China Have in Common? The answer is Lutron lighting systems. A few noteworthy residences also on the list include the White House and Windsor Castle. Lutron Electronics, a technology-centered and people-driven company, provides a range of lighting control products from individual dimmers to total light management systems. Read on to learn more about how Lutron links lights, shades, heating systems, and security for greater energy savings, added beauty, and increased safety in your New York City spaces.

Innovative Lighting Control Solutions Offer Energy Savings
Since the early 1960’s, Lutron has been promoting the energy-saving benefits of lighting control, be it residential or commercial projects. It was at this time that its owner, Joel Spira, developed the first commercially successful wall box dimmer switch. In 2008 alone, Lutron estimates that its lighting control products and solutions helped electrical customers save $1 billion in energy costs. The more you dim a light, the more you save, both in energy consumption and in overall cost. In about two years the dimmer pays for itself. The same is true of Lutron commercial dimmers, which save $85 annually and pay for themselves in about 14 months.

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While these numbers speak volumes about the energy saving benefits of dimming the lights, there are a few other positive outcomes associated with lighting control. Take for example the ability to adjust lighting levels for specific entertainment activities, like watching a movie with the family or reading a book. Lutron dimmers are one of just a few energy-saving products that not only reduce consumption, but also enrich the user’s life.

Don’t Sacrifice Beauty and Style for Environmental Responsibility
With so much focus on energy savings, you might be curious about the aesthetic design of Lutron lighting solutions. Neither the designer nor the homeowner will have to forego their personal style when selecting lighting design elements. Whether your style is traditional, contemporary or somewhere in between, Lutron has a look that will complement almost any design.

Light is about more than “on” and “off.” Light can inspire, create the perfect ambiance or awaken your senses to color. The ability to manipulate light is not a new concept, but the capability to effortlessly transform a space at the touch of a button, now that certainly is. Whether you are hosting a party or having a romantic dinner for two, Lutron lets you set the mood. By adjusting lights, shades and other devices, you can envelop a space in warmth and easily recall the same scene again in the future.

For an air of sophistication, blend outlets, cable jacks, lighting fixtures and controls with a room’s décor. Lutron offers nearly 50 colors and metal finishes ensuring the look complements the design of your space. If that’s not enough, Lutron Homeworks is compatible with Basalte switches, a touch-sensitive panel divided into two or four equal surfaces, each with its own functionalities. This multi-touch function makes light control highly intuitive and user friendly. Turn your iPad® or iPod® into an amazing on-wall touch screen with Basalte’s Eve frame and wall mount. Whether in portrait or landscape orientation, there are no unsightly cables or connections and it can be easily mounted on the wall using two screws.

Add Peace of Mind with a Smooth Transition from Day to Night
Forget returning home to a dark, uninviting property. Lutron solutions provide expertly lit spaces regardless of the time of day. Create a safe, welcoming atmosphere around your home where walkways are lit as you approach the door, stairways illuminate at sunset and driveways anticipate your arrival. Using a transmitter attached to the car’s sun visor, you can control the lights in your home. Before you even reach the front door, porch lights turn on and foyers illuminate.

While you are away, create a lived-in look. Simply press the “away” button as you leave your home to replay your daily routine. Lights turn on and off and shades lower and raise as if you were still home.

Are you looking to add beauty, safety and energy savings to your home? Contact us to learn more about getting started.


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