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Integrated Electronic Solutions Teams Up with Lutron to Bring You Light & Shade Solutions

New York-based Technology Integrator Sheds Light on a Major Manufacturer

Integrated Electronic Solutions Teams Up with Lutron to Bring You Light & Shade Solutions

We here at Integrated Electronic Solutions hope you consider us a resource for any information regarding home automation, networking, system design, green energy solutions and even home lighting and shading control in New York. To that end, we wanted to take the opportunity of this blog to reveal a bit about one of the nation’s founding light and shade control manufacturers…

Lutron® – Whole Home Solutions that redefine your way of life

Founded in the late 1950s, Lutron has spent over half a century as a pioneer in environmental controls. From the first dimmers ever developed to the complete home control offered in their HomeWorks® QS line, Lutron’s goal is to help keep people safe and comfortable in their own homes.

Whether you’re upgrading the family residence or will soon have a new home (or business or hotel or the like) under construction, Integrated Electronic Solutions and Lutron put you in command of your surroundings every hour of every day.

Integrated Electronic Solutions ensures a warm welcome home every night

Brighten key entry points and specific exterior lights with a single press of a button before you get out of the car. Integrate HomeWorks QS with your Android™, iPhone®, iPod touch®, and easily check the status of your lights (and shades and temperature), even when you’re away from home.

For fans of “green” solutions, the HomeWorks QS timeclock saves energy by automatically dimming the landscape lighting at night, and turning it off at sunrise. You can also create custom pathways of light throughout your property for increased safety and security.

Integrated Electronic Solutions helps get it all together

When you want to adjust the lights, the shades, the A/C, the music…you probably don’t want half-a-dozen switches littering your counter space. With HomeWorks QS, installed by Integrated Electronic Solutions, you’ll have one dynamic keypad to rule it all:

  • Lights – Make sure the light is right for every occasion
  • Shades – Convert harsh glare into a soft, pleasing ambiance that preserves both your view and your furnishings
  • Temperature – Adjust the heat or A/C any time of the day, even while you’re away
  • Appliances – Turn off small appliances at your convenience, from the toaster to the flat screen
  • Audio/Visuals – Set the mood in every room from one convenient location
  • Energy – Start introducing green solutions throughout your home without sacrificing comfort or convenience
  • Preset multi-room scenes
  • Smart device controls
  • PC-based programming
  • Demand response capabilities

Every room benefits

Total home control with Integrated Electronic Solutions provides energy savings, convenience, ambiance, and security. We customize each system specifically to the way you live. HomeWorks QS has been designed by Lutron for a homeowner to control ALL light with…

Let Integrated Electronic Solutions cater the party mood

The best hosts show exceptional attention to details. Keep the lights raised in the work area while you prepare drinks and hors d’oeuvres, while leaving the other rooms dim until your guests arrive. Then transform any room with preset event lighting for the perfect accent to a perfect gathering.

Customize & Accessorize to Your Taste

HomeWorks QS hardware (keypads, etc.) come in a range of color palettes to complement any room’s aesthetics. Lutron’s custom-made window treatments are available in a variety of styles, fabrics and woven woods. Plus, you establish your priorities with occupancy/vacancy sensors to automatically turn lights on when you enter a room, and then off when you leave.

A Bright Idea

Lutron’s mission since it started has been to save consumers money while also conserving on energy. A whole-home solution will be a big step in providing additional savings and energy conservation.

If you ever have any questions regarding industry leaders, such as Lutron, or any new advancement in technology innovation, or if you’re on the verge of new construction or a major upgrade, do not hesitate to contact your friends at Integrated Electronic Solutions. We happily work with contractors and designers (and you) to create the home environment of your dreams.

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