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Will Shading Control Make Your Business Cool?

Let Integrated Electronic Solutions count the ways wireless technology elevates your professionalism & productivity

Will Shading Control Make Your Business Cool?

Sunlight can be just as invigorating at work as it is when you let it shine into your home. At the office, however, it can also create glare and overheat spaces and ultimately decrease productivity…not to mention offering a less-than optimal impression for visiting clients. Walking that fine line between healthy natural light and oppressive warmth used to be a difficult challenge. However, new wireless remote options have recently been designed to optimize comfort and lower energy costs. And when you work with an established professional technology firm like Integrated Electronic Solutions, your office shade systems can also be automated and integrated with other controls for additional savings and comfort.

Make the Most of Your Daylight

Have you ever walked into an office during the day and thought, “Is it me, or is it just too bright in here?” Chances are it isn’t you. Many businesses are over-lit, with fluorescent lights on at full intensity while the space is already being flooded by daylight. When you partner with IES, we can program your electronic shade systems to take full command of nature, raising and lowering at calculated intervals that even take into account the seasons and daylight savings. We also offer an expansive selection of sustainable fabrics…all of which adds up to greater energy-savings while helping your business earn points toward LEED®Certification.


Light Up Your Bottom Line

Blocking and reflecting direct sunlight during the day reduces demand on the a/c systems throughout the summer.  Fabric options include dual-sided white or silver coating to deflect more sunlight in the warmest months while also providing an insulation barrier to keep the heat in during the winter. There is literally no time of the year that energy consumption isn’t reduced by a well-programmed electronic window treatment. With hundreds of fabrics to choose from (in different opaqueness and colors) a conference room can have both sheer fabrics for a meeting and blackout shades for a projected presentation. Additionally, bottom-up shades can offer privacy on the 1st floor with dim-out fabric, and then dual-sided fabric on higher levels for a uniformed appearance from the outside, all while deflecting more daylight for increased energy savings.

More Options Create a More Flexible Workplace

IES can create shading zones that easily re-configure to allow for the flexible use of a room, and each zone can be adjusted to meet specific lighting needs of that department or area. Small offices, conference rooms, and whole buildings have different needs and aren’t relegated to sharing the same systems if working together. Having all the shades in your business work together on one system won’t eliminate personalized control if the needs of a space change throughout the day.

A tremendous selection of controlled shading options are available for your home or business. Integrated Electronic Solutions also offers a variety of lighting control products that employ wireless technologies throughout New York.  And we’ll walk you through all the shading options currently at your disposal. Just give us a call and let us put your world in a whole different kind of light.

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