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What Are Some of the Easiest Ways to Manage the Energy in Your Home?

Integrated Electronic Solutions Puts the Spotlight on Green Solutions

What Are Some of the Easiest Ways to Manage the Energy in Your Home?

With summer only half over, many of us in New York are looking for ways to keep cool.  And with heating and cooling costs being more than half of a home’s utility costs, it is now more important than ever to consider how automating your home can bring comfort but conserve energy as well. 

Unsure of what automated features to incorporate into your Green Home? Let Integrated Electronic Solutions draw from years of experience in the New York area show you what energy monitoring and management can do for you!

Climate Control

You can save money and lessen your carbon footprint in the warmer summer months by utilizing natural light with automated shading. Occupancy, daylight and temperature sensors can be installed as well to create the optimum climate for your home. Motorized shades can be programmed to raise and lower depending on a preset temperature or the amount of light streaming through the windows. And with an integrated touch panel, you can see precise lighting levels, temperature, and shade positions from any room in your home.

Energy Monitoring

Energy monitoring from IES eliminates the inefficiencies and inconvenience of monitoring each individual room of your home, via a separate system. Energy management software offers a single glance of every lighting, A/V and environmental device throughout your home or office, keeping you informed of the status of each room in real time. An automated green home will tell you when and how rooms are used, so you can delegate energy as needed, as well as monitor the power grid and renewable energy sources, and automatically draw from the most cost-effective source

Home Automation

When trying to create meaningful reductions in energy usage and utility costs, you have to integrate all the building systems onto a single, intelligent management platform. That’s comprehensive home automation and control system makes it easy for you to control how a room reacts to your presence.  Turn off lights when you leave a room, or turn off all the technology when you leave.  At night the push of a single button on a wireless controller can turn off all unused lights on a home.

Why limit the fun and conservation to indoors? Lighting and irrigation controls can be integrated into automated systems allowing flood lights and sprinkler systems to also be put on timers, or (in the case of the lights) activated by motion sensors.  Energy conservation techniques such as off-peak heating can be applied to pools, spas, and tubs as well, so you can spend more time outside, and less time fiddling with controls.

When all of your energy efficient systems work together –from the pool, to the A/C to the shades – your automated home will be working at its best. Get the most out of your home integration today by incorporating energy saving technologies from Integrated Electronic Solutions into your home. 

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