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This Energy Management Collaboration Makes Conservation Easy

This Energy Management Collaboration Makes Conservation Easy

Some partnerships that we see in this industry make sense. Think Ketra and Lutron, Control4 and SnapAV, and countless others that have combined their strengths for a truly transformative product.

On that note, the strategic partnership with sister-company Racepoint Energy, Savant developed energy modules engineered to deliver both control and energy management functionality of electrical loads. Sonnen integrated its award-winning EcoLinx product with Racepoint Energy’s leading battery solutions, giving New York City homeowners an unprecedented way to monitor and manage energy consumption. Keep reading to see how this collaboration culminated in an inventive system that stores and manages energy as never before!

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What Is Microgrid Technology?

Microgrid technology is a blockchain-based energy storage and distribution network.  Basically, it allows smart homeowners to maximize solar energy resources by collecting light during the brightest part of the day, converting it to energy and conserving it for later use. This not only helps homeowners compensate by storing up excess energy from peak periods for later use but also powers other homes within the grid’s network.

One important note to make is that all of this energy can get dispersed and enjoyed across grid users without affecting anyone’s comfort. When people first hear “microgrid technology,” they think they’ll share heat or light between many people, and will end up shivering in a dark room all winter. This assumption couldn’t be further from the truth, as it keeps everyone on the grid cozy, even during power outages and cloudy winter weeks.

Savant + Sonnen + Racepoint

You might have heard that our partners at Savant teamed up with ecoLinx creator, Sonnen, and the solar battery innovators at Racepoint to create an energy management solution. But what actually happened, and how can their partnership help you?

Here's the short version: Sonnen created ecoLinx last year, setting a standard for microgrid management. And Racepoint Energy’s team provides design, engineering and commissioning of solar, generator and battery systems. Since Savant is one of the most energy-conscious, UX-focused automation companies, both Racepoint and Sonnen chose to partner with them to provide unparalleled smart energy control, including complete dynamic environmental control of climate, lighting and other electrical loads.

A conventional power backup system, like energy management prototypes, involves critical loads that are chosen in advance and require special wiring. However, this new Savant and Racepoint Energy system is designed to connect to all circuits. Racepoint allows users to look at energy usage on a circuit-by-circuit basis by connecting energy monitoring modules to each electrical panel, drilling down into details like how energy usage varies from month to month, by device or according to weather patterns. 

Energy tracking, conservation and overall management have never been easier than ever with Savant. Users can monitor every energy source from their control device, including mobile devices, view each circuit and continually optimize energy usage based on real-time data. Savant facilitates data collection by maximizing efficiency: In a click, users scan between rooms and devices quickly, or set HVAC or lighting to predetermined, energy-saving schedules. We can show you even more ways to optimize the system based on your priorities.

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