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Improve Your Swing in the Rain, Snow, Sleet or Hail

Golf Simulators from Integrated Electronic Solutions Bring Enjoyment To Your Home or Office

Improve Your Swing in the Rain, Snow, Sleet or Hail

Golf is an incredibly popular sport and is still growing. It is estimated that almost 10 percent of the U.S. has played an 1-hole round in the past year! A golf simulator gives you the opportunity to improve your skills and experience a number of different courses from the privacy of your living room. Improve your swing or just play a round for fun, no matter the climate.

Integrated Electronic Solutions features manufacturers like About Golf and Full Swing Golf for the ultimate indoors golf experience. We can design a room for you, using high-quality audio, HD screens, and a control system. Here are the main reasons why using an integrator to set up a golf simulator will not only help your swing, but increase your love for the game too.

1. Your game will never get rained out.

A lot of golfers’ games get held up or canceled by poor weather. With a simulator in your own home, the rain, snow, or fog won’t affect your playing time. You also won’t have to cancel your plans with your friends; just invite them over for a round. Time and weather constraints are non-issues with this amazing technology.

2. Swing stats help improve your skills.

Full Swing Golf has a tracking system built into their simulator that measures every aspect of your swing. Once you’ve hit the ball, the program reports the statistics of the ball—launch angles, total yardage, carry, ball speeds, and spin data. This is all achieved by sensors and weight transfer technology.

3. It doesn’t require a lot of room.

Most simulators require only enough room to allow a full swing to occur, with a ceiling about 9-10 feet high. Integrated Electronic Solutions can customize your setup for a modest room, or a larger set-up in a basement or garage, and anything in-between.

4. It’s affordable.

Traveling the world to play rounds of golf every week in a new location can really add up. A golf simulator gives you variety without leaving the comfort of your house. About Golf currently offers 55 courses and 19 driving ranges, not to mention a 180-degree widescreen that immerses you in the game. Purchase the system once and you can use it forever. It’s an investment that lasts.

Integrated Electronic Solutions can get you set up and swinging so you can play all year ‘round. Just call us at 914-422-0071. You’ll be able to play courses around the world without ever leaving New York.


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