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How Does Distributed Audio Enhance Your Customer Experience?

IES Discusses the Benefits of Music, Video and Networking Your Office or Business

How Does Distributed Audio Enhance Your Customer Experience?

When your clients enter your office, what do they experience? The atmosphere of your business should enhance your business operations without distracting you or your customers. The experts at IES have decades of expertise in augmenting your office or retail business with distributed audio and video needs for

Installing a control system throughout your business will help you bring music, movies and digital signage throughout your facility. If you manage an office or business in New York, you’ve probably no doubt considered installing an audio system to help increase employee productivity or invite customers into your business.

Create a Better Customer Experience

Greet your visitors and employees with the perfect welcome. Music has the power to change moods, as well as improve social functioning, and physical health. The right selection of music can build a happier office and a better customer experience. Providing your patrons with a reliable Internet connection can enhance your business, causing customers to purchase more items, stay longer, and often return knowing they have access to a Wi-Fi connection.

Set the Mood

Integrated Control system in your business gives you the power to turn on (or off) all the systems in your business. A customized lighting system allows you to create the ideal atmosphere within your establishment by simply pressing a button. Dim the lights so patrons can enjoy a romantic dinner or illuminate frequently used areas of your restaurant or bar. Additionally, you can use lighting to highlight the architectural design elements of your space.

Enhance Your Messaging

Your brand extends far beyond your employees, and can be enhanced with music and video through the building. Update customers on current promotions, highlight new protocol or simply reinforce your values with digital signage messaging. Flat screen televisions draw patrons into your restaurant as a common and necessary décor items in most dining establishments. Anxious patients in the waiting room can be soothed by the familiar sights and sounds of a classic movie.

IES installs technology solutions that help you not only run your business more efficiently, but are easy to use as well. Simplify your life and control multiple TVs and projections screens as well as the audio with custom A/V technology solutions. With a Control System from IES, you can check on your office from anywhere and gain peace of mind knowing that your employees and investment are safe.

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