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Give Your Home Its Own Soundtrack With Whole Home Audio

Experience Your Favorite Music in Any Room of Your Home

Give Your Home Its Own Soundtrack With Whole Home Audio

Everyone likes music. It makes us feel happy, or sometimes nostalgic. It can make us feel deeply or lighten our mood altogether. It is certain that we all need it in our lives. Child development experts say that music should be played in the home whenever possible because it is critical to child development. It has also been used for therapy in adults and has been shown to help with mood, reduce stress, and assist with blood flow in the body. It has even been suggested that it can help relieve pain and stimulate memories.

With all those benefits, it makes sense that we would want to have music with us everywhere we go. Because we spend more time at home these days, now is the perfect time to consider a whole-home audio system, which allows you to pipe music to any and every room of your New York City home at the touch of a button. Discover the advantages of whole-home audio below!

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Effortlessly Listen to Music Anywhere in the Home

A whole-home audio system puts all your music sources at your fingertips. From a single interface, you can access your favorite streaming platforms or digital media collection and select a song or playlist to enjoy in one or several rooms that have connected speakers. You can even connect analog sources like a turntable to your whole-home audio system to effortlessly pipe classics through the home.

Enjoy one song everywhere or several songs in several rooms simultaneously. Our team installs state-of-the-art whole-home audio systems like Control4, which makes it easy to select which room you want to listen and the source you want to play. You’ll also have a variety of control methods to choose from, such as a mobile app, dedicated touch screen, wall keypad, handheld remote, or voice control!

Enjoy a Music System That's Heard, Not Seen

While some audio enthusiasts like to showcase stately speakers in their home, others want a quality multi-room audio system without bulky components taking up floor space or distracting from room décor. Our team can install high-performance architectural speakers throughout your home that mount flush with your walls and ceilings and can be covered with paint or fabric to match the colors of your surfaces. We’ll run all wiring behind your walls to a dedicated media rack where we discreetly house your music server, matrix switches, amplifiers, and other components. Your interior design will shine, and all you’ll be left with are sleek, intuitive music controls.

Our team would love to work with you to craft a personalized whole-home audio system that meets your needs and budget. Learn more about our services or start your project by calling 914-422-0071 or filling out our online contact form.

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