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Ensure Reliable Home Networking Solutions for Your Smart Home

Know the signs that suggest your network needs an upgrade

Ensure Reliable Home Networking Solutions for Your Smart Home

According to a 2022 survey by Deloitte, U.S. households have about 22 connected devices on average. Since 2019, the number of devices connected to the internet has doubled and is expected to continue to climb steadily. For those who live in smart homes, that number increases significantly.

At some point, our home networking system can no longer keep up with the demands we place on it, and signs of an overextended network begin to appear. Let’s explore what these signs look like in your Greenwich, CT, home.

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Signs Your Network Needs an Upgrade

Like most small irritations in life, signs that suggest your network needs an upgrade are, at first, easy to ignore. You notice webpages take longer to download, especially when your kids are playing their latest video game. When it’s time for a video conference, you ask your family members to get off the internet to ensure you have enough bandwidth to get through the meeting uninterrupted. Then, when the family gathers for their favorite Netflix series after dinner, the familiar buffering icon interrupts the show.

All these signs are somewhat easy to ignore. After all, who has the time to call a technician? Then, you ask, your voice assistant, to lower the living room shades, and he fails to respond. Next, you notice your security system didn’t send an alert when the dog walker stopped by. Now, it’s clear that your smart home is no longer functioning as intended, and you’ve asked too much of your current networking solution.

Fortunately, there are steps you can take to ensure your family has the connectivity needed for all their daily activities and that your technology operates as intended. 

Developing a Robust Network

Our certified technicians at Integrated Electronic Solutions will look at your situation and determine the exact network capacity your home needs. They’ll determine how many people are on the network at any given time and how many connected devices it’s supporting. They’ll also check the type of devices and if they count as “bandwidth hogs.” Some common devices that use a lot of bandwidth include streaming video services like video conferencing platforms and Netflix.

Then, we crunch the numbers and make recommendations based on your unique needs and activities. This may include a new router and modem, WiFi access points or a mesh network, and network infrastructure compatible with WiFi 6, the latest standard for wireless networking.

We’ll make sure you have a reliable, fast, and secure internet connection in every room and your yard. You can watch a 4K movie in your home theater while the kids are playing Fortnite, your spouse is on a conference call, and your teenager is streaming Netflix. And you can all enjoy a perfect connection.     

At Integrated Electronic Solutions, we provide our clients with the latest custom smart home technology that’s easy to use and enhances their daily lives, and we make sure they have a robust, enterprise-grade network to support it. To learn about network options or to schedule a complimentary consultation, contact Integrated Electronic Solutions today.