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Bring Audio and Video to Any Room of Your Home this Holiday Season

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Bring Audio and Video to Any Room of Your Home this Holiday Season


The holiday season is upon us and that means that party planning is in full swing. Whether you plan to host an elegant holiday gathering or keep it simple with a cocktail party, be sure not to overlook the entertainment at your get-together. With home audio and video solutions by Integrated Electronic Solutions, you’ll be able to entertain guests regardless of whether they’re in the foyer, the cigar lounge, or beside a roaring fireplace in the great room. Multi-room music and video systems allow you to send music or a single video source to any room in your Westchester, New York home. Read on to learn a few ways home audio and video can improve you next holiday gathering.

No need to turn over to side B

The last time you had to flip over a cassette tape was probably the late 1980s. The ease of listening to and distributing music has transformed in recent years. We now have instant access to every album and genre of music regardless of when it was produced. And with multi-room audio, we can listen to we want, whenever we want, in whatever room we want throughout the house. Rooms can be grouped to play the same music with separate volume controls for every space. Or each room within your home can be its own zone so party guests hear a variety of music. Whether you create a holiday playlist from your digital music library beforehand or stream music from Deezer or Tidal, you won’t have to worry about running out of good music. Now the hors d’oeuvres and cocktails, we’ll leave that to you.

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Share more memories and make new ones

Whether you plan to host a few football parties or watch some old home movies, you’ll want to be able to distribute video to different TVs in different areas of your home with ease and without a stack of electronics. Multi-room video allows you to do just that. A single video source, such as a cable box or Blu-ray player can be shared across multiple televisions or allow each family member to watch what they want. You’ll be able to stream your favorite holiday movie in the kitchen while your spouse watches Sunday afternoon football in the living room. With all the components centralized in one location, you’ll cut down on the clutter too. Now you won’t have to schedule your holiday parties around the NFL season. Host a party in every room with the music and video you choose.

In many cases, we can add just a few components to your existing gear to create an exceptional viewing and listening experience. With Savant System’s Smart Tiling, you can watch up to nine windows on one television so that you never miss a minute of the gridiron action. With high-performance speakers from Sonance, you’ll get beautiful sound without disrupting you home’s interior design and a minimal visual footprint. If you want to go big for the holidays, we’ll design and build a custom home theater that is guaranteed to impress any sports fanatic and making your house the preferred location for the upcoming big game. Contact us to learn more about upgrading, updating or revamping your home’s audio and video systems.


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